This retreat helped me get a better understanding of myself and has given me a purpose and a goal to fulfill my passions in life.
— Dianna
The retreat experience was revolutionary. It allowed the power I had all along to resurface.
— Jeremy
In my mind I will forever be placing offerings of gratitude at your feet... you have served me profoundly, transformationally, in such a soft, easy, grounded, fun way.
— Mary
The retreat in Bali is an excellent place to begin your spiritual journey, or to further enrich and expand what you already have attained or believe.
— Tina
Jolene and Gigi are warm, open and guide the participants to understand themselves and help everyone to grow and push individually to be the best they can be. The retreat is well worth the money - awe-inspiring surroundings, outstanding facilitators, and meaningful personal growth.
— Deb
The retreat was such a remarkable experience! Seeing how the Balinese people appreciate the abundance of life makes me appreciate what I have. It’s an experience I can’t truly put into words. It warms your heart!
— Kristal
I have traveled extensively all over the world and Bali is the one place that beckons me to return.I have learned so much about the purpose of my life and feel that I have been reborn. The topics that were covered and the friendships that were made will be remembered for the rest of my life. Very life-changing.
— Corinne